We, Dogu Law Office - Interlegal, is a general practice law firm in Turkey, focusing on all aspects of law with priority to maritime, transport and commercial law.

Dogu Law Office was founded in 1996, by Mr. Mehmet Sıtkı Doğu who has been providing services to the maritime industry in Turkey and abroad for over twenty-five years and has been providing legal services to foreign and Turkish companies and real persons.

Although a significant part of our practice involves maritime, transport and commercial issues with Turkish and international elements, we handle all aspects of law as well as assisting Turkish and foreign clients in coordinating and responding to their legal needs in connection with disputes regarding international elements, and when necessary, we also coordinate their needs with the international institutes and law firms that we are in co-operation within other countries.

Doğu Law Office had a long outstanding relationship with Interlegal Law Firm of Odessa and finally this successful relationship has transformed into a partnership in 2014, with the accumulated experience enabling us to provide “complete” services and solutions to our clients as our aim is to practice at global standards of service quality.