Shipping: Collisions, groundings, salvage operations claims and disputes, exercising of maritime lien rights, ship arrest, Cargo disputes, Charterparty and Bills of Lading disputes, Ship Sale and Purchase, Shipbuilding Contracts, Carriage of Passengers By Sea, Disputes arising from International Sales on Shipment Terms, P&I, H&M, Cargo Insurance claims, Reinsurance claims, Pollution claims, Particular and General Average Adjustment Services

Aviation: Sales and Chartering Agreement

Corporate Law: Corporate Foundation and Liquidation, Partnership Agreements, Mergers and Acquisition

Business Enterprise Law

Contractual Law: Sale and Purchase Agreements, Distributions Agreements, Joint Ventures, Hire Agreements etc

Intellectual and Property Rights

Business and Finance, Foreign Capital Investments

International Commerce and Competition Law

Arbitration: International, National and ADR

Labour Law

Criminal Law